5 Money Saving Travel Tips | Guest Post

1. Always, always, always book prior to your trip. 

I know this sounds like simple common sense but you’d be surprised of how many people don’t do this. Booking online not only includes airfare, but don’t forget hotels, car rentals, activities, tours, etc. This allows plenty of time to do your research and find the lowest prices, allow prices to fluctuate and you catch them at their lowest, and use online reward points. I love using ebates and retailmenot where you can search a large variety of sites and get discounts and/or cash back! 

2. Opt for airbnbs/hostels rather than hotels.

Not only are airbnbs usually cheaper than hotels but you can get one that has a kitchen! Kitchens can make a huge difference in how much money you’ll spend on food. You can save hundreds of dollars by going to the grocery store so you don’t have to eat out at every meal for every day. I recommend make your own breakfast, snacks, and dinners but indulge on a larger meal for lunch. Dinners are typically more expensive than the lunch menu and it’s also healthier to have a lighter meal at night.

3. Get your tax back!

Some countries let you get partial or a full refund for sales tax. My first experience of this was while in Iceland—and luckily the locals told me about it because I have never heard of it! Keep your recipes and fill out a form at the airport; it took a few weeks but I got a direct deposit into my bank for all sales tax back!

4. Travel during the off season. 

This is my favorite time to travel to popular destinations, not only do you save money but there’s less crowds so you get a more authentic feel during your trip. Traveling during the slow months can guarantee cheaper flights, hotels, food, shopping, tours, etc.

5. Know the culture!

Depending on where you’re traveling to and what country you’re from, the concept of tipping can be quite different. In the US for instance, tipping at a restaurant is considered expected and rude if you don’t, but other countries like Switzerland, the minimal wage covers the need for tipping. Knowing the country's idea of money and when or who to tip can save you both money and embarrassment.

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